Keep Wedding Guests Safe With Private COVID-19 Testing

Planning a wedding is stressful enough. Let Metriks handle the COVID-19 testing and vaccination status verification before your special day. 

Keep Your Wedding Guests Safe

Metriks specializes COVID-19 testing for events of all sizes, including weddings, concerts, and conferences. Partner with Metriks to:

    • Develop an Effective COVID-19 Testing Program to Protect Your Friends and Family
    • Enjoy Concierge Testing Services Performed By Qualified Lab Technicians
    • Guests Get Test Results in As Little As 20 Minutes


Event Testing Options

Metriks offers two types of testing. Both options require a nasal swab sample. Select the test(s) that best meet your needs.

PCR Tests

PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests, also referred to as molecular tests, work by detecting the genetic material specific to the virus. They are considered the “gold standard” in diagnostic testing because they are the most accurate and sensitive tests available for detecting COVID-19. Results are delivered within 24 hours.

Antigen Tests

Antigen tests work by detecting specific viral proteins on the surface of the virus. They are the fastest way to detect an active COVID-19 infection. Results are delivered in as little as 20 minutes. 

Here's How it Works

Step 1: Provide Event Details

Provide us with information about your wedding, including the date, location, and the estimated number of guests who need to be tested.

Step 2: Testing

Our fully-trained laboratory technicians will come to you to facilitate the testing process, including sample collection.

Step 3: Results Delivery

Attendees will receive their results via text or email within 15 minutes for antigen tests and 24 hours for RT-PCR tests. Event managers can view results in their LabPort portal.

Your job is to keep guests safe. Metriks makes it easy.

When planning any event, safety is a top priority. As COVID-19 continues to be a concern, testing remains an essential tool in mitigating the risk of transmission. Metriks makes it easy to ensure that every guest, vendor, and staff member tests negative for COVID before stepping foot in your venue. Utilizing its proprietary software, LabPort, Metriks manages the testing process from pre-registration to results delivery and reporting. Your only job is to tell us when and where.


Schedule Testing For Your Event

Contact us today to speak with our experienced personnel and design a testing protocol that suits your needs.