COVID-19 Testing for Events

Make Sure Live Events Are Here to Stay!

Metriks Offers Low-Cost COVID-19 Testing Services.

As more people become vaccinated, people are becoming increasingly eager to attend live events. Unfortunately, COVID-19 continues to be a threat, and large gatherings can significantly increase the risk of spreading and contracting the disease.

At Metriks, we know that when combined with other mitigation strategies, testing is one of the most effective measures event organizers can take to keep their guests and staff safe during their event. Offering on-site testing makes testing convenient. 

Metriks Makes Testing Guests Quick and Easy

Schedule your testing event and provide us with the logistics.

On your scheduled date and time, a fully trained laboratory technician will come to your site. During their visit, the laboratory technician will collect samples.

Guests will have their results delivered via secure email to patients.

Which Events Qualify for Testing?

Metriks’ event testing solutions are great for indoor and outdoor events of all types and sizes. We can provide COVID-19 testing services for concerts, sporting events, festivals, conferences, trade shows, and more.

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